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EasyConnect website editing sample.

Editing content using the EasyConnect website builder software allows for non technical persons to take control. We specifically designed the software to be intuitive and easy to understand.

Create content objects by type and assign them to pages using drag and drop functionality. When editing pages you see a live preview to get the layout just right.

Display your website pages by group using page cover objects. Each page can be assigned to one or more groups, to display the same content in multiple areas of your website from a single source. This is a great way to rapidly add new content.

Set a publishing start date and time to create pages ahead of time to manage workflow and be proactive. Similarly set a publishing end date and time to stop displaying content after it is no longer relevant.

Align your websites style to match your organization's branding. Update the websites visual styling in minutes to stay current with your brand or to identify with a special occasion or promotion.

Choose which fonts to use for headings and paragraphs. Choose up to seven colours to use throughout your website. Chosen fonts and colours are automatically applied, with the option to apply colours to some content.

Select a background type from solid colour, gradient, image or image tile to set the mood of your website and complete the visual transformation.

EasyConnect website styling sample.
EasyConnect templates sample.

Templates are wire frames defining where content can be placed and are fully responsive to adapt to various devices.

EasyConnect templates provide lots of flexibility. Select from one of the templates included or create your own to suit your needs.

Combine a content layout with a selected template to create page views. Page views allow for quickly creating new pages. When creating a new page, simply apply your page view to save time and effort.


  • Apply your organization's brand to your website.
  • Build a fully responsive website.
  • Choose from one of the templates provided or create your own.
  • Rapidly create new pages using Page View templates.
  • Simple menu management.
  • Organize and display your pages into meaningful collections for your users using Groups.
  • Create pages by laying out your content visually with drag and drop functionality.
  • Over 20 different content objects to present your content.
  • Increase workflow by setting a start or an end publishing date and time.
  • Support for multiple editors with different roles.
  • Automatic image optimization for best performance.
  • Create and format reports using the collected forms data.
  • Google Analytics integration allows for tracking your websites performance.
  • Software support
  • Technical support, maintenance, updates and backups.

Service Includes

  • Website hosting
  • EasyConnect website builder
  • Updates and new features
  • Software support
  • Technical support
  • Daily Backups


  • Mobile ready website
  • Affordable professional quality
  • Software Support
  • Technical Support, updates and backups
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