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EasyConnect websites for non-profits.

EasyConnect Websites for Non-Profits

EasyConnect websites have been designed to meet the needs of non-profit organizations. Increase funding through online donations. Improve communications both internally with your team members and externally with your audience. Post and share organizational events online to create awareness.

Many non-profits rely on volunteers and subsequently tend to deal with high turn over. Being able to bring a newcomer up to speed quickly and easily helps to bridge this transition smoothly. Provide key information and documents through a website where it can be easily accessed by team members. Additionally, restrict access for sensitive information.

The ability of a non-profit organization to effectively communicate with their audience is vital to success. An easily accessible website improves both incoming and outgoing communications. Provide contact forms to reach key team members directly by email even outside normal office hours. Easily add or update existing webpages and content with drag and drop functionality, to provide up to date information directly to your audience. Responsive websites allow your audience to stay in touch on the go from their mobile devices.

Funding is a key factor that dictates the ability for non-profits to sustain and achieve their vision. Increase your organizations funding by making it easy for your audience to donate to your non-profit online. Run a fund raising campaign, promote it and accept one-time donations. Alternatively setup one or more organizational funds and accept one-time donations or recurring donations. Users can donate to multiple funds in a single transaction. Detailed reports are available for reconciliation.

Promoting events online is a great way to reach not only your audience but also others who may not be familiar with your non-profit. Events offer a great way to create awareness, engage and grow your organizations audience.

EasyConnect website services for non-profits delivers cost-effective results to help you grow your organization.

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