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EasyConnect website frequently asked questions.

Building your website varies based on the number of pages you require and the amount of content you need to create.

Content creation aside, a smaller website can be built in under a week. For larger websites with many pages expect a few weeks.

Launching a larger website in smaller stages is sometimes a preferred approach.

Building your website is not included. It is your responsibility to provide content and build your website. We support you through the process.

Optionally, we are available for hire. This is an additional cost and provides you flexible levels of assistance as necessary.

Our experts manage your website to ensure your websites stability and performance.

We handle everything from troubleshooting bugs to applying updates and releasing new features.

Our servers are maintained by professionals and in the last year, they have achieved from 99.996% to 100% up-time. Last updated May 3, 2016.

We take daily backups of your website and store backups for 30 days. This allows us to deal with any data issues that might occur.

If you see a problem on your website, let us know and we will restore your site from a backup.

We accept organization cheques, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

We will be sorry to see you go, but we understand that we do not fit everyone's needs.

When you want to stop using EasyConnect, we do the following:

  • We stop any further invoicing, although we do not provide a refund. Service continues until the end of the paid term.
  • We provide you with a data file of your data from our servers. This data includes your raw content and the images and attachments you have uploaded to our servers.
  • If we have registered your domain, we will transfer that following your instructions.